Glass coating

Glass Coating Viron Motors Sri Lanka

Ultimate Beauty & Protection for your Car Paint! Glass Coating is the very latest in cutting edge technology of self-cleaning Viron glass coating. Minuwanoda Sri Lanka. Protect Z Car Coating Firs time in Sri Lanka. only from Viron Motors. Made in Japan

Eco Spray

Eco Spray for eco friendly vehicle by Viron Sri-Lanka

Our new product Eco Spray is an eco-friendly product and helps you to improve combustion efficiency of automobile engine. We always keep in mind that eco-friendly products need to be marketed to ensure that the environment is always clean.

Japan Vehicles Import

Japanese vehicles have created a niche in the arena of excellently manufactured vehicles that suit any country and the needs of the population. We at Viron take pride in importing top quality Japanese vehicles for your use, be it in an office or residence.

Yamato Valve Products

Gas & Water valve - 25 year warranty

Yamato is a trusted Japan brand in the international market for gas and water valve products. These products are now available for you on small or large scale construction projects.

Hamai Valve Products

Hamai Valve

Hamai is a trusted Japan brand in the international market for gas and water valve products. Best valve products for construction projects. with a 25 year warranty.

Otowa Electric Products

Otowa electric products are a must in your homes as it attends to lightening surge and noise pollution, where our services comprise of a full scale support of optimum lighting surge and noise protection systems


We take up the construction of buildings, roads and other related construction work using top quality raw materials. We are also participate in Government tenders for such services in the construction industry. We have experts team for the construction industry.

Electric Three Wheelers

Electric three wheeler Made in japan

There are certain issues that can be addressed by technology and today we have an innovative product which is an electric three wheeler, which is a top safety vehicle for your personal use or even for commercial use.

Garbage Destroy Machine

Garbage Destroy Machine Sri Lanka by Viron

Over the years there has been no proper solution found by the authorities in garbage treatment and this has caused many a catastrophe in Sri Lanka. It is our view to bring about solutions to garbage treatment so that this menace of garbage disposal.