AQ. Aroma deodorant AC clip Saxophone squash scent Air Freshener

Aroma: Saxophone squash Air Freshener

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Description of item

  • It is fragrance deodorant which we can attach to air-conditioner outlet of car.
  • Effect of fragrance lasts a long time as it is large capacity of approximately 4 ml! (About 35 days from our investigation)
  • It is possible to use properly in the drive scene with the function of fragrance!
  • We can enjoy better fragrance with deodorant function.
  • It is design which adopted texture-like high piano black body.
  • The squash-based scent of the popular scent of car air fresheners.


  • Aroma: Saxophone squash
  • Product package size: W104 × H172 × D20mm
  • Standard dimensions (housing): 42 × 21mm
  • Ingredients: fragrance, pigment, solvent, deodorant
  • Contents: approx. 4ml


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